Century recruiters are an essential part of building our team of rockstars. Constantly searching for the best and the brightest candidates. Inspired to help potential team members take the next steps in their career goals.

Beth Quintana's Employee Story'

Beth Quintana

  • I have been with Century for over ten years and I have watched our team grow from just 50 people to over 250 now!
  • While I have worn several hats over the years, I cherish my opportunity as a recruiter to make a difference in the lives of others. My favorite part about Century is definitely the people and the culture.
  • Fun Fact:  I can still do a split!
Laura Bodnar's Employee Story'

Laura Bodnar

  • I began my career at Century in July of 2018. A native of Pittsburgh, I earned my Bachelor of Science in Business Administration at the University of Pittsburgh.  
  • Earning my MBA at South University, I continually strive to better myself, and those around me. I am passionate about people and enjoy assisting them in reaching their career goals.
  • A fun fact about me:  In younger years I was an adrenaline junkie- I went skydiving and bungee jumping before!
Ashley Lewis's Employee Story'

Ashley Lewis

  • I began my career at Century in September of 2018 as an Account Manager and transitioned to a Corporate Recruiter in August of 2019. I have a degree in Business Merchandising, as well as a degree in Applied Science/Nursing.
  • I had worked in Healthcare for almost 20 years as helping people has always been my professional motivation. Becoming a recruiter allows me to reach a lot of people. Helping others find a new career or achieve career goals that they are passionate about, is extremely fulfilling.
  • Fun Fact: I was a backup dancer for Sugar Ray at the 2002 Pro Bowl. I was also on the field with Jessica Simpson for the national anthem.

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