Our diverse team is a key to Century’s success. Our employees are the driving force behind our strong company culture and we value their commitment to our clients and our mission. Read our employee’s stories and find out why they ‘Choose Century’!

Before joining the Century team, I had been working for a different company for 8 years. Looking back, I wish I had found Century earlier in my career. Century is a company that that truly cares about their employees and that is one of the many reasons I love working here. I have had the opportunity to grow personally and professionally with Century and the support along the way has been amazing. I am happy to have found my career here at Century.

Adrian Mulgrave

Manager - Senior Customer Advocate Team

Since joining Century in December 2008, I have had the opportunity to advance through various departments and learned many new skills along the way. I enjoy working for a company that provides employees the opportunity for growth and a management team that encourages employee development.

Chad Raith

Customer Service Representative

When I decided to accept the position at Century early in 2016, I already had a position with another company lined up. The success I have had on my journey here, has made my decision to choose Century worth it. I have been promoted 3 times already and there is a lot more opportunity for my career growth in this positive environment.

Amanda Jaquette

Negotiations Trainer

I started with the company in August of 2015, and truly love it here. I look forward to coming to work each day, and appreciate all of the opportunities that have been given to me. This is a place that has excellent growth opportunities, and I plan on creating a career here.

Katelyn Gailey

Customer Advocate

I’ve been an employee at Century since November of 2017. Since I started, there isn’t a day I stress coming into work. It feels rewarding to make a positive impact on our clients’ lives and be able to do that with the best team of coworkers.

Jonathan Corsi

Account Manager

Working at Century, I feel appreciated and recognized for my hard work, dedication and ideas. The Century team stays true to its Core Values. You can feel an energy that is contagious and a synergy that blankets the company. When I have ideas, they are reviewed for merit and when there are problems, I am challenged to seek solutions. I enjoy coming to work, collaborating with others and exercising my knowledge and experience to improve moral. When I leave at the end of the day, I know I’ve made an impact on the employees and Century.

Tracey Anlauf

Corporate Trainer

I accepted my position with Century in February of 2017. I had been employed in the medical field and was interested in better benefits for myself and my family. Century made my decision to make a career change a very easy one with excellent benefits and a ‘no waiting’ period for the benefits. Since I started here two years ago, I have been promoted and continue to grow within the company. The atmosphere is always positive and uplifting. I truly enjoy coming to work each day!

Kelly Dlabik

Customer Service Liaison

I joined the Century team in April 2007 and couldn’t imagine myself anywhere else. Not only does Century focus on helping their clients every day, Century also focuses on their employees. Offering great benefit packages, Career growth opportunities, mentoring and continuous training for everyone. I truly love my Century family and everything we do for our clients and each other!

Danita Kendro

Settlement Quality Assurance Department Manager

There are several attributes that brought me to Century and kept me here over the years. A growing “small” organization like Century allows me to use my experience (+25 years) to make impactful contributions across all facets of the company. When I have had an opinion or suggestion, it is “heard” and many times, acted upon. Our leadership team and for that matter, most employees here, will ask your opinion or advice because it is valued. It’s a great feeling that as a service oriented business, the team genuinely works hard to help our clients.

Mike Sklencar

Financial Analyst

I joined the Century Team in January of 2018. Century is a great place to work and I enjoy coming to work each day. There are many possibilities to advance and I am grateful for the opportunities Century has given me to grow. I look forward to seeing where Century will take me in my career.

Teri Ritz

Customer Service Lead

When I joined the Century team, I was fresh out of high school and never imagined that twelve years later I would still be with the same company and absolutely loving what I do. I have worked my career path from an entry level position to a management position and could not be happier. The support that I have received over the years to grow within the company and establish my career has been astounding. From the people that I have on my team, to our executive level management, it is a truly a pleasure to work with each and every one of them. The opportunities at Century are endless!

Staci Germuska

Underwriting/Data Entry Manager

I started with Century in February of 2018 and I absolutely love my job! The positive, friendly atmosphere actually makes me excited to come to work every day. The Century team has a focus on motivating and inspiring their employees to deliver excellence. The team recognizes your hard work and helps you grow not only as an employee, but also as a person.

Annalisa Weir

Team Lead