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Client Communication is Our Priority

The MyCentury secure portal was created to allow our clients to be more engaged in their settlement program. Log in to MyCentury today to see how your program is working, authorize settlements, and much more!

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What We Do

Debt Settlement Services

At Century, our goal is to help clients resolve their unsecured debt in the shortest amount of time possible. Our Settlement experts have many years of experience servicing clients through this process. We will customize a plan that fits your budget and negotiate with your creditors to reach the best settlements for you.

United Consumer Advocacy Network (UCAN)

UCAN is a consumer advocacy company that Century partners with to offer their member services to our clients.

Road to Financial
Freedom Newsletter

Monthly newsletter that provides valuable articles, tips and information to assist our clients in managing their finances.

About Us

Century provides our clients with the needed partnership to successfully navigate this challenging journey in resolving debt. Our team is dedicated to giving our clients the highest quality experience they can while assisting them with their financial challenges. Our people have a passion for building relationships with our clients that deliver the results they expect from their debt settlement partner.

We understand our clients have very busy lives, so we designed our program to make it simple and easy to understand, yet allowing them to move through each phase of their settlements as rapidly as possible. Our goal is to create a positive experience by successfully resolving unsecured debt in the shortest amount of time possible.


It is our mission to help each and every one of our clients resolve their debt in the shortest time possible and to perform in a way that we are extraordinarily responsive, innovative and professional.

John Ioannou
A Message from Our Chairman

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to Century.

Our experienced team takes great pride in helping clients just like you attain financial freedom. We strive to be a partner you can trust, who operates with only the highest level of integrity and treats our clients with compassion and dignity every step of the way.

It would be insincere for me to say we’ll be perfect. But here’s what I will promise: we will be extraordinarily responsive, innovative, professional and ethical.

Thank you for selecting Century as your trusted partner on this journey!

John Ioannou, Chairman

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Delighted Clients

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