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Jose V., California

Jose’s Story: Century Support Services is nothing but the best. When I retired a few years back, I lost my health insurance along with other benefits.  Unfortunately, I resorted to depending on my credit cards to survive. With high interest rates and living on a fixed income, I couldn’t keep up with the monthly payments and felt I was never going to get out of that debt.

Century presented a very positive program of repayment without the negativity of bankruptcy. When I had a question, I called them and their responses were immediate and thorough.  They were organized and kept me updated on my program’s progress. I’m impressed that they took immediate action in notifying my creditors after I had submitted the list of my debts. They informed me which creditors they had contacted and subsequently made agreements with.

I subscribed to a deposit of a set amount of money every month and they would take that amount and apply it to what was agreed upon as a settlement from my debtors. I’m very happy with them.

I was with Century for two years and from day one, I was able to rest easily without worrying about my debt. I liked the fact that they gave me that personal satisfaction of completing my debt obligations. I have shared this information about Century to my friends who also have credit card debt. I completed my Century program with a feeling of accomplishment and extreme satisfaction that I made the right decision when I chose Century.  

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