National Women’s Health & Fitness Day and Self Improvement Awareness Month

Posted by Century Support Services on Sep 09, 2021

September means different things to different people, but for many, it is a time to get serious. Carefree summer days are ending, and it is time to buckle down and get serious. Kids are back in school, and often that means parents give themselves a bit of permission to work on themselves. Even people who aren’t actively raising kids, may see autumn as a more diligent season.

The Impact of Financial Stress

Financial stress can affect almost anyone. No matter how much money a person makes, it can easily seem like it isn’t enough. It often takes a dedicated decision to take a step back in order to relieve the necessary pressure to make a true step forward in our lives. Often women feel this especially strongly because they often make less money and have more direct caregiving responsibilities in their family. As they take care of everyone else, their own needs can easily fall by the wayside. Stress can lead to extra work, and less attention of physical and mental health. Having reminders, even something as simple as Self Improvement Awareness Month or National Women’s Health & Fitness Day can give them the excuse they need to make themselves a priority.

These things don’t need a national month to encourage a step in the right direction, but embracing these dates can help provide a type of guidance that can be truly helpful when challenging changes are before you.

Building on Positive Changes

If you have already made a conscious effort to make self-improvement strides in different areas of your life, such as consolidating debt in order to get your finances under control, taking daily walks or eating more fresh fruits and vegetables, September can be a great time to reevaluate or even take things up a notch. If you have been doing light exercise, try more intense workouts, or making a new commitment to the way you eat. Decide to volunteer more or just be available to family and friends who might need you.

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