How We Can Show Support for the People Who Support Us During Coronavirus

Posted by Century Support Services on May 02, 2020

During the coronavirus outbreak, Americans have tried to curb the spread of disease by staying home as much as possible and following guidance for sanitizing and social distancing. Some employees can work at home. Judging by the emptier shelves in the baking aisles, others have picked up tasty new hobbies. Still, millions of essential workers need to leave their homes to provide vital services for the rest of us.

If you’re among these essential workers who must leave home to serve the public, please accept our thanks!

If you’re looking for ways to demonstrate your support for the coronavirus heroes who serve you and your family, you might get inspired by these suggestions to demonstrate appreciation.

Supporting Essential Workers During the COVID-19 Outbreak

During these uncertain times, every day should be Essential Workers Day. However, you might pick some particular days to support certain kinds of vital workers.

For instance:

  • Teacher appreciation:
    In 2020, Teacher Appreciation Week occurs during the week of May 4. Many teachers have held online classes from home, so they haven’t always had to go back to school. Still, they’ve made a pretty heroic effort to adjust to an entirely new way of educating students in a very short time. Perhaps Teacher Appreciation Week will give you chance to show your gratitude by having students in your household write notes that you can mail or email. That way, your family can let teachers know that they’re missed and appreciated.
  • Healthcare workers:
    In the US, National Nurse’s Day occurs on May 6. Some people even mark a weeklong celebration that ends on May 12, the birthday of the celebrated nurse, Florence Nightingale. Of course, following the best advice of medical professionals during this crisis is still one of the best ways to support nurses and all healthcare workers. If you do need healthcare, make certain you express gratitude. If you feel inclined, you should know that some hospitals have severe blood shortages and can use donations. You might also contact your local hospital to see if they have any remote volunteer opportunities.

Some essential workers might not have a special holiday dedicated to them. Still, they’ll be happy to see you demonstrate your appreciation of the work they do.

  • First responders:
    As with healthcare workers, you can best demonstrate support by striving to remain safe and by cooperating with police, paramedics, firemen, and other first responders. You can also visit to find easy, online ways to express gratitude, share positive stories, and show support for creating a national day of recognition for these important professionals.
  • Other essential workers:
    Besides teachers, healthcare workers, and first responders, other essential workers include delivery people, mailmen, supermarket clerks, and maintenance people. Mostly, do everything you can to ensure both your safety and their safety by sanitizing contact areas, avoiding unnecessary trips, and following social distancing rules.

It’s also a great time to exercise a little extra patience and kindness. Even if you experience some delays, you should know that all of these vital workers have to operate under additional stress, have concerns about their own families, and are probably doing the best that they can.