Putting Yourself First…The Opposite of Selfish

Posted by Century Support Services on Apr 06, 2018

Time for me

Modern life is busy. With all of your commitments to work, school, family, and friends, how often do you get to take time for yourself? While it can feel strange, or even “selfish” to carve out a little “me time,” there are some incredible benefits to taking care of yourself.

How “Me” Time Helps Everyone

When you find yourself spread thin across a range of responsibilities, it’s really hard to put yourself first. But if you get too caught up in caring for others, then you can feel run down, which means that it’s even harder to take care of all of your obligations. Taking time out for self care may seem self-centered when you have a full plate, but the truth is that even a small amount of time for yourself can leave you feeling refreshed and recharged, and better able to tackle your busy life!

For example, if you work a desk job and find yourself feeling stiff after sitting in a chair for hours, the thought of a brisk walk around your neighborhood probably sounds downright luxurious! By taking the time to stretch your muscles, get a little fresh air, and hit “pause” on your busy life, you’ll feel better and more capable. But what if you skip that walk because you decide to tackle one more item on your to-do list? Chances are you’ll end up feeling overwhelmed, if not resentful of the people and tasks in your life that take up all your attention. When you take “me time,” you remind yourself that you are a priority, too, and you’ll end up with more energy to run errands, care for loved ones, and return to your work with a fresh perspective.

Great Ideas for Simple, Effective Self Care

Depending on your interest and ability, there are tons of activities that can provide you with some much needed self care. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Read a Book. Browse the library for new novels, or take time to learn about a new subject with a non-fiction selection. Taking a little time to read each day can relax and focus your mind.

Enjoy Outside Time. Taking a walk, tending to your garden, or just enjoying a quiet sit on a favorite bench can help shift your perspective in no time.

Try Yoga. There are thousands of free online yoga classes for all ability levels. Move your body and feel the benefits!

Meditation Moment. Taking even 5-10 minutes a day to meditate can give you lasting calm. Light a candle, set a timer, and take a few moments to focus on your breath and relax your thoughts.

DIY Spa. Make your own body scrubs or facial masks using household ingredients like olive oil, oatmeal, and fresh fruits. Enjoy an indulgent shower or bath to pamper your skin, and your senses!

As the saying goes, “no one can pour from an empty cup,” so take time to fill yourself up and see the benefits!