Lower Back Health

Posted by Century Support Services on May 04, 2018

back ache

Back pain is one of the most common complaints affecting individuals from all walks of life. Back pain will also become more of an issue for many who may be starting their spring cleaning or ramping up their fitness routine. You will be surprised to discover how easy it is to prevent and address lower back problems at home.

Take the steps suggested below and in many cases you won’t need to run to a chiropractor or MD because of back pain. Here are some insights on free ways to prevent and address lower back problems and back discomfort today.

Break These High Risk Habits

It may not be easy to relearn how to do routine motions or to be more mindful when bending or lifting. However, it is definitely cheaper than having to visit the doctor or buying prescription medication. People can get into an automatic mindset and not think about how they may need to move in order to avoid a back injury.

What are some high risk behaviors that may lead to back issues? Poor posture can cause more strain on muscles and increase stress on the spine. A lack of exercise can make it easier to assume poor posture and reduce the strength of important muscles. Being mindful when lifting or moving heavy items and simply moving more are relatively easy and free ways to prevent a back injury from developing and may even save you money.

DIY Exercises to Prevent or Correct Lower Back Issues

In order to avoid back pain, start off by improving one’s posture. Stand with slightly bent knees and with one foot forward to reduce pressure on the lower back. Stand or sit with chest forward and attempt to keep the body in proper alignment.

Incorporate strengthening activities such as Pilates or swimming and other exercises that may improve flexibility. Ride a bike or walk to perform nearby errands and get in extra movement while reducing wear on a vehicle or the need to fill up your gas tank. Park your car farther away in order to get in a few more steps on daily errands.

Regular exercise and avoiding bad habits can help you feel better without breaking your budget.