5 Tips for enjoying the holidays without overindulging

Posted by Century Support Services on Dec 05, 2019

family dinner

The holidays are full of festive events and occasions. At the center of many of these seasonal celebrations? Food! Unfortunately, this can lead to overindulging and the dreaded holiday weight gain that often goes along with it. The good news? With the right plan in place, it’s possible to enjoy all of your favorite foods without compromising your waistline — or your bottom line.

Read on for a roundup of tips aimed at helping you resist the urge to overindulge and stay healthy this holiday season.

  1. Take the edge off your hunger before you go. Going to a holiday party or dinner out on the town can be a recipe for disaster. To avoiding overordering and overeating, have a nutritious snack at home before you go. Fruits and vegetables, Greek yogurt, or a handful of nuts can curb your hunger while helping you avoid temptation in order to make healthier choices in the moment.
  2. Bring along a healthy, homemade dish. One way to know with certainty that there will be a health-conscious option at the next holiday gathering you attend? Bring along a dish of your own to share. This can also help keep costs low. After all, preparing a home-cooked meal costs less than a bottle of wine or floral arrangement.
  3. Pre-set drinking limits. Alcohol decreases inhibitions while increasing the appetite. This can quickly add up to overimbibing at a party or event. Factor in that cocktails are usually packed with empty calories, and the situation goes from bad to worse. To avoid ending up in a sloppy situation, set a limit on how much you drink before so much as picking up a glass. This can also help you avoid an unexpected, sky-high bar tab.
  4. Adjust your attitude. While food is often front and center at holiday parties, it doesn’t have to be — if you adjust your mindset that is. Rather than focusing on what you’ll eat at a party, focus on making the most of your time with family and friends. Viewed through this lens, food becomes a very small part of holiday festivities.
  5. Embrace mindful eating. Keep in mind that the holidays can trigger many different kinds of emotions. If you’re an emotional eater, being aware of this can help you stay on track toward your diet and wellness goals. (if you’re a compulsive shopper, the same applies.) Research shows that embracing mindful behavior, in particular, can be an invaluable weight management tool.

One last thing to keep in mind? Avoiding holiday weight gain doesn’t have to mean going without. As with most things in life, moderation is the solution. Making careful choices can help you savor the foods you most look forward to without overdoing it on the rest. Apply this same philosophy to your spending habits this holiday season, and you’ll start the new year in better shape financially, too.