Gift Giving on a Budget + Ways to Safely Swap Gifts

Posted by Century Support Services on Dec 10, 2020

The pandemic has put up so many barriers to our normal celebrations that it’s easy to feel disappointed before they even arrive. Yet now is the very best time to think about the people in your life and show them just how much they mean to you. It can help you wrap up the year with that much more gratitude and love. We’ll give you some ideas to give gifts on a budget without compromising your (or anyone else’s) safety.

Your Guide to Budget-Friendly Gifts

Here are a few gifts that would light up anyone’s life:

  • Frames: A good frame can spice up a loved one’s favorite poster, picture, or print.

  • recipes

    Recipes: If you have a signature dish that everyone loves then it’s time to share! Use your handwriting to give it a personal touch.

  • Candles: Scented candles around this time of year truly light up the senses. If you’re going to give to everyone, consider making your own.

  • Kitchen/gardening supplies: From corkscrews to spades, these practical gifts end up being surprisingly useful.

  • ornaments

    Ornaments: Help your friends and family cover the tree in color and start some new traditions this season.

  • Used books: From cookbooks to novels, a book that’s specially picked out specifically for someone can have a big impact.

  • Coffee mugs: Garage stores are excellent ways to find kitschy mugs that are truly one-of-a-kind.

  • books

    Stationery: Encourage your friends to write to you with the help of good quality paper. Add in a pen and few stamps for better odds they’ll actually use it.

  • Accessories: Fun hair ties, crazy mittens, and funky earrings can quickly brighten up anyone’s outfit (and day).

  • Wine: There are plenty of bottles that are under $10, making this a very reasonable gift.

The real value of a gift isn’t just the price tag but the way in which it affects someone’s life. Don’t be afraid to buy a person something small and seemingly insignificant. If it’s personal to them, they’ll appreciate the thought behind it. And if you want to make sure you get it right, ask them exactly what they’re looking for!

How to Exchange This Year

In-person exchanges this year are not exactly recommended. As tempting as it is, we’re really meant to avoid contact even during this festive time. Thankfully, there are a few ways that you can get around these orders though without endangering anyone’s safety.


One popular way will be by using the same meeting technology that we’ve all been using. Whether it’s FaceTime, Hangouts, or Zoom, it’s possible to use your devices to bring people together. If you have gifts delivered directly beforehand, set up a meeting where you can all open the gifts at the same time. This might take some coordination in terms of when you shop since everyone is going to be doing more shipping this year. Make sure that you’re planning this event as far out ahead as possible.

If you are going to have any in-person gatherings this year, try to limit the guest list. This should be both in terms of the number of people and only those who have been compliant. If it’s possible, have everyone try to quarantine at home for a couple of weeks before the part, so there’s less chance of an outbreak.

This year’s holidays can be every bit as special as years past. If you can shift your mindset a little, you can still manage to hit everyone on your list without breaking the bank or exposing anyone to the virus.


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