Home Safety

Posted by Century Support Services on Jul 17, 2018

Did you know that June is National Safety Month? When was the last time you assessed how safe your home is, both for you and your family, as well as those that visit you?

Here are some inexpensive ways to ensure your home is safe and help to keep it safe for years to come:

  1. Do a home audit. Take an hour or so to go around your property to identify potential safety issues so you know which items need to be addressed ASAP. Get the kids involved too. This one tops the list for two reasons: It’s free and it’s simple.
  2. Fire safety. Call your fire department and ask about inexpensive smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Many communities offer free or discounted detectors or can direct you to an online store where you can buy them at a discount. Then remember to replace the batteries every year – a truly low-cost way to stay safe.
  3. Lighting. Improve your lighting – indoors and outdoors. The cost of both fluorescent and LED bulbs has come down substantially, so it’s a lot easier to add more light to dim entryways or stairs.
  4. Set pool rules. No running around on the deck, no throwing people in or other types of horseplay, and no swimming without a buddy. These rules should apply at your pool (if you have one) and any pool you visit. If you own the pool, make sure it’s surrounded by a locked gate (most towns require it anyway).
  5. Security. Install a low-cost security system. There are DIY options you can install yourself and monitor from your cellphone. (This article offers some options for $20 or less.) An alternative is to mount a fake security camera near your doors.
  6. Railings. Tighten loose railing connections. Stairs are a major source of accidents. Make sure all the bolts and screws that connect your railing to the floor and walls are tight and secure.
  7. Anti-Slip tub. Install tub decals and use a rubber-backed bath mat. Many dollar stores carry really inexpensive options that look, and work, great. Get started with your DIY audit today.

Even a small investment in improved home safety can pay off in a big way for your and for your loved ones.