Cash Back State of Mind

Posted by Century Support Services on Nov 11, 2018

falling cash

Ready to start earning every time you shop? Rebate apps make it simple to save. However, not all rebate apps are alike. Here are three to consider when you’re in a cash back state of mind.


Ibotta is one of the easiest cash back apps you’ll find out there. Even if you’ve never used an app to save money before, or never even used an app, you’ll be up and running with Ibotta in no time flat. The best thing about Ibotta is you save money without having to worry about buying name brands. And if you’re like most people trying to save a buck, you don’t exactly fill your cart with name brand products, anyway. With Ibotta, you can literally just stick to store brands and still get cash back on the items you bought. So right there, you’re saving by buying store brands, plus you get money back through the Ibotta app. Sweet, right?

So here’s how it works: Just download the app from your computer Cashback Graphic 1or smart phone. Go ahead and register, then browse the app to check out the available rebates. Don’t worry about buying stuff you don’t want, because you’ll have plenty of opportunity to get cash back from Ibotta throughout the year. Select the items you want to shop for on the app, then do your normal shopping at any store you want. When you’re done, just take a quick snapshot of your receipt. Ibotta automatically calculates your rebate and puts it in your Ibotta account. When you’re ready, just transfer it to your Paypal account. The money will be in there within minutes! The only drawback of Ibotta is that you have to pick your rebate items ahead of time, but that’s a small price to pay!

Fetch Rewards

Fetch Rewards works a lot like Ibotta in that you send in an image of your store receipt. But instead of having to pick out the rebate items on the app ahead of time, you just upload your receipt. Fetch Rewards does all the rest of the work. Sounds pretty great, right? Well, it is, but there is one drawback. Instead of getting cash rebates, Fetch Rewards gives you points. Those earned points add up pretty fast, though. And, you can use your points to get gift cards for your favorite stores. Another drawback is that Fetch Rewards only work on brand name items. So if you’re primarily a store brand buyer, you might take a long time to accumulate points. The biggest pro of Fetch Rewards is that you can shop in any store—even gas station stores!—and still earn points for your purchase. You can download the app on your computer or smartphone. You can even get it in the Google Play Store.

Falling Cash

Checkout 51 is a rebate app that lets you get cash back on your grocery purchases. It’s a little like Ibotta in that you have to pick out the items you want to save money on. The next step is really easy, though. Just shop! After you come home, upload your receipt through the app. Checkout 51 goes through the receipt and credits your account with real cash—not points—on certain items.

Now, the downside of Checkout 51 is that you have to wait until your account balance reaches $20 before they allow you to cash out. That could mean a long wait depending on how you shop. The biggest difference is that they actually mail you a check, instead of offering a cash transfer option. However, this means you don’t need Paypal.

Well, these are three great options for fueling your cash back state of mind. Depending on if you shop for name brands or store brands, and how you like to earn rewards, one of these rebate apps will surely fit the bill!