Your Backyard Oasis

Posted by Century Support Services on May 16, 2018

happy gardening

Sometimes, it’s hard to imagine the perfect layout for your outdoor space, especially when you’re trying to keep expenses down. The truth is that the ideal backyard design should be functional and appealing to you, and that’s all that matters. Use these tips to discover a way to show off your own style and save money.

Organize a Theme. No matter how small or humble your space, it’s got to have a theme. A style that looks carefully put-together is worth just as much as the pricey patio furniture sets you see at the stores. Select a design that you’d like to see, whether it’s something sparkling with a beachy feel or a comfortable place to sit and sip coffee. Choose plants or decor with a pop of color that fits the theme. Colored mulch for the garden or painted pots is a great way to modernize your space without spending a ton.

Simplify the Design. These days, simple is definitely in for the outdoors. This is great, because an uncomplicated design doesn’t have to double or triple your home improvement budget. Instead of a row of pots, select a couple sturdy ones made out of wood or clay. They are inexpensive and fairly easy to paint the right color. For a larger property, add gravel and a few shapely pavers leading to the backyard. You can create a hint of whimsy (and protect your grass) without having to go to the expense of building a long border or a retaining wall.

Upcycle Your Décor. Before you head out to the stores to buy seating and tables for your outdoor oasis, pretend you are a savvy shopper looking through your home for a great deal. Take that side table that accumulates too much clutter in your entryway or living room, and convert it to a basic breakfast table on your porch. Energize old patio chairs with a fresh coat of paint or new cushions.

Shop Shabby. Saving money while shopping requires thinking about what people want to cycle out, and how they tend to do it. Visit the spring yard sales to catch bargains on outdoor décor and patio seating from people preparing to sell a home. Start early in the day for the best selection. Stop by thrift shops and antique stores throughout the spring and early summer to see what people have dropped off. If you are a little crafty with some sandpaper, paint and glue, you could pay pennies on the dollar for items that you can make uniquely your own.

Building a wonderful outdoor space for your home doesn’t demand a big budget or a lot of room. These ideas make it easy. Remember to keep an eye for the great clearance sales throughout the summer on everything for your yard. You could save a boatload and make your outdoor haven even more spectacular next year.