Spring Cleaning, Spring Savings

Posted by Century Support Services on Mar 25, 2020

It’s nearly time to start spring cleaning. With some planning, you can save a bunch of money, or even make some money while you’re doing this chore. Any of these tips and tricks or a combination of two or more could save you money — or even allow you to get “paid” for cleaning your own home.

Look for Deals on Cleaning Products

Shop around for cleaning products and look for coupons and store discounts. Often, buying cleaning products at a dollar store or at a big box home improvement store is less expensive than buying them at grocery stores and department stores.

Rent Cleaning Equipment

You might use a pressure washer or a carpet cleaner once or twice a year. Instead of putting out a few hundred dollars to buy more expensive equipment that you rarely use, rent it. Many grocery stores and big box home improvement stores rent carpet cleaners. You can find pressure washers at equipment rental places and some big box home improvement stores.

Use Homemade Hacks

Often, homemade hacks work as well as or better than commercial chemicals you buy in the store. Use vinegar to clean the dishwasher and the washer. Letting a paste of baking soda and water sit on a glass-top stove gets most stubborn messes off. Vinegar also cleans up pet messes; then use baking soda to get rid of the vinegar smell.

Refresh and Donate

If you have old furniture that you no longer want, donate it to charity. You might be able to claim some donations on your tax return. Always choose a 501(c)(3) organization for your donations as you’ll need a receipt to claim the donations. But, before you donate, imagine how that piece of furniture would look with a new coat of paint or stain. If you like it enough and you can refresh it, it’ll save you money.

Have a Yard Sale

Take everything that doesn’t fit or that you don’t want to keep and hold a yard sale. YouYard Sale might even get together with family or neighbors and have a multi-family sale since those often attract more buyers. You just might make a few extra dollars on stuff you don’t want or need anymore. Don’t just clean out your house if you plan on having a yard sale. Go through the garage, attic and outbuildings, too.

Online Sales and Consignment Shops

If you have items that you would rather sell, or items that wouldn’t sell at a yard sale, you can put them in a consignment shop or list them online. Social media sites often have local groups for buying and selling. If you’re listing it online, you might offer to trade if someone has something you want.

Clean Your Wallet, Too!

While you’re spring cleaning, clean your wallet. Get rid of old coupons. Shred outdated credit cards and bank cards. Look for free loyalty programs and get rid of those you never use anymore. If you have credit cards that are still open but you no longer use them, lock up the credit cards in a safe. If you keep the cards open, the available balance helps keep the amount of credit you have showing, which usually increases your score. If any of those cards require that you use them to keep them open, buy something that you need that has a very small cost, just to keep the card active.