Over-50 Discounts You Can Take Advantage of Now!

Posted by Century Support Services on Jul 17, 2020

If you’ve made it past your 50th birthday, you’ve been through a lot! Here’s the good news… Today’s over-50 crowd generally expects to live as actively as they did in their 30s and 40s. Only now, you get discounts!

Over-50 Discounts You Can Use Today

Learn about some over-50 discounts you can take advantage of to help manage your budget and enjoy the kind of life you want to live.

AARP Discounts

Some people only associate AARP with insurance products, but this organization also provides members with everyday discounts. They even have a phone app that will help you find deals on the go or at home. While AARP offers too many discounts to list here, some highlights include free movie screenings, an active job board, such popular restaurants as Denny’s and Outback Steakhouse, hearing, dental, and vision services, and even auto purchases and cell phones. Of course, AARP may also help you save money on such important purchases as car, home, and even health insurance.

Standard AARP membership costs $16 a year, but you can even get a discount on that by choosing a longer membership term or automatic renewals. You can see a complete overview of benefits at the AARP discounts page.


Entertainment, Travel, Shopping, and Dining Discounts

Even if you don’t join an organization like AARP or AAA or simply want something they don’t offer, you can access many over-50 discounts by presenting an ID, selecting your age on an order form, or in some cases, just by asking. Some discounts may vary by location, even for national chains, so it’s wise to check with local businesses first.

Hotel and Motel Savings for Senior Guests

Motel 6, Travelodge, and Red Roof Inn are examples of hotel or motel chains that offer a 10 percent senior discount. Some other hotel chains, like Ramada, Wyndham, and Marriott, offer varying discounts by location. La Quinta has a 10-percent discount for any guests over 65, but it also applies that discount to all AARP members over 50.

Senior Savings at Restaurants

You may find senior discounts at many local restaurants. You just need to ask! Some national chains, like IHOP and Perkins, have a special discount menu for older diners. Others, like Carrabba’s, Landry’s, and Outback, will trim 10 percent off any order. In most cases, discounts exclude alcohol.

Cheaper Transportation for Over-50 Travelers

Avis, Alamo, and Budget all have senior discounts for rental cars. While American Airlines discounts may vary by the route, British Airways reduces economy tickets by a flat-fee of $65. Southwest has a varying discount but gives seniors free refunds. Also, look for discounts on long-distance trains, buses, and local, public transportation.

Senior Shopping Days

Shopping discounts for people over 50 may save you money on everything from wireless service to clothes to crafts. Many retail outlets limit their discounts to certain senior shopping days.

For instance:

  • Jo-Ann Fabrics has 20-percent discounts on their senior shopping days, but the exact day of the week could vary by location. In contrast, Michael’s offers only 10 percent, but you’re not limited by the day of the week.
  • Dressbarn has 10 percent discounts on Tuesday and Wednesday, Ross discounts 10 percent on Tuesday, and Kohl’s cuts prices by 15 percent for older shoppers on Wednesday only.
  • If you enjoy thrift shops, you should see if your local Salvation Army outlets will cut your bill by up to 50 percent on their selected senior shopping days.

Making the Most of Your Discounts

Some companies publish standard discounts. At the same time, deals might vary because of the location, type of service or product, or even the day of the week. In addition, you may be entitled to more than one offer. For example, some businesses may offer senior discounts but have a better deal for AARP or AAA or even members of their own loyalty program. It’s always a good idea to compare offers to make sure you enjoy the most savings.

Most of all, it’s impossible to provide you with a comprehensive list of promotions, deals, and discounts for people over 50. Some companies promote their offers, but others won’t offer them unless you ask. If you plan to shop for new clothes, take a trip, or get supplies for your next craft project, take a few minutes to check online to see which businesses will reward you for your age and experience.

Don’t forget to ask… YOU’VE EARNED IT!