Mardi Gras Fun

Posted by Century Support Services on Feb 09, 2018

mardi gras masks

Mardi Gras is just around the corner! Now is the time to plan your party and get ready for fun. Food, decorations and wild celebration are the focus of this rejuvenating and enjoyable time of year. These budget-friendly suggestions will help you enjoy your Mardi Gras without breaking the bank.

Make a Trip to the Dollar Store. Mardi Gras decorations don’t have to be expensive, just colorful. At the dollar store or discount store, look for a range of colorful beads, streamers, balloons and other shiny, sparkly objects to decorate your home.

Spray Paint Natural Decorations. Gather natural items like sticks, evergreen branches and pine cones and spray paint them in Mardi Gras colors, purple, green and gold. These items can be used to adorn the food table or placed around your home in vases to add color and beauty. Visit a thrift shop or flea market to look for discount items to paint. Ceramic figurines, vases, bottles and jewelry can all be turned into Mardi Gras decorations with a simple layer of spray paint.

Make Paper Mask Decor. Paper masks can be made inexpensively from construction paper and then you can decorate them with with glitter and paint. The more time you spend on your masks, the better they’ll look. Take your time and have fun with it!

Showcase the Food. The food is the true focus of any Mardi Gras party, so dress up the table with colorful fabric or plastic table cloths. Layer the cloths under the food to make your table a dazzling display. Finally, encourage your guests to bring fun Mardi Gras beads and other items to the party. Get everyone to contribute and make the day fun and enjoyable for all!