Things to Look for in a Debt Settlement Company

Posted by Century Support Services on Sep 04, 2020

Just as the name implies, a debt settlement company negotiates with a consumer’s creditors to settle their debt for a lower amount than the client initially owed. This amounts to a savings to the consumer.

Sadly, many people have not had a good experience with their debt relief programs, mostly because they chose the wrong company to represent them or did not get the right advice about a solution that would work best for them.

When deciding on the debt settlement company to help you toward better financial health, it’s important to choose a company that can demonstrate a few key traits.

  1. A commitment to their clients’ success,
  2. Employing trained, experienced, and committed debt specialists, customer service and negotiators.
  3. A proven track record of saving people money and stress from their hardships.

These knowledgeable and committed businesses, do more than just act as debt negotiation services. They support clients before, during and after their program as they make plans to improve their financial position into the future.

Why Are Certified Debt Specialists Important for Debt Settlement Companies?

Certified Debt Specialist Consumer Certified Debt Specialists need to learn about their industry and pass a certification exam. Some of this education includes developing the communication skills they will need to educate and counsel clients. They also need to learn about personal financial planning, debt planning, and other topics they can use to help clients.

As with other certified professionals, debt specialists must take continuing education classes to keep this designation. If you’re planning use a debt settlement company to help you resolve problems with debt, you will obviously want to work with a company that ensures that their debt specialists have a certification.

Century only has Certified Debt Specialists working with consumers to assess their financial situation and make recommendations for strategies that are customized for them.

Why Look for Debt Relief Services With Experience in Their Industry?

250K+ Nobody wants to risk their financial situation using a debt relief service that does not have ample experience. Instead, smart consumers will look for a financial partner with a long, solid history of helping their clients reduce debt, relieve stress, and save time.

As an example, Century has already settled over $1.3 billion in debt for more than 250,000 clients and has been providing debt relief services since 2003..

Ensure Previous Clients Have Enjoyed a Positive Experience

Of course, an essential service of any debt relief company is client support throughout the entire process. The very first part of that support should consist of ensuring that the client chooses the right program for their needs. Once a client agrees and commits to a debt settlement program, it’s the provider’s job to make sure their clients enjoy positive results.

BBB Strong debt negotiation service companies should have plenty of positive reviews from past customers that demonstrate satisfaction with both the process and results. Consumers should also check third-party sources for ratings and reviews.

As an example, Century has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and plenty of client reviews on their website and from third party review sites.

Shy Away From Upfront and Hidden Fees

No Upfront Fees People who already suffer from financial struggles, certainly don’t need more problems. They need to look for a debt relief program that communicates with total transparency about the fees they charge for their services. The FTC warns consumers to stay away from any companies that want to charge fees before they’ve settled any debt.

Century only charges fees after they’ve settled the debt enrolled in a client’s program. They clearly state the way the program works, how much and when the fee will be charged. They do not charge any upfront fees.

Look for Personalized Debt Relief Programs

No debt relief service offers the best solution for all people. In fact, good companies will assess prospective clients to make sure they’re a good fit for their programs. Remember, high quality services only get paid after they’ve successfully provided debt negotiation services.It’s in their best interest to personalize their recommendations to offer the most successful program option for the client.

Century Century offers a proven, three-step program for debt settlement that has benefited over a quarter of a million people and begins with a free debt assessment. This assessment allows their Certified Debt Specialists to customize their approach each client.

See How Century Helps People Reduce Debt

To find out if Century can help free you address the burden of unmanageable debt, complete this form online. A Certified Debt Specialist will be assigned to you and be in contact quickly.

To learn more about gaining assistance from an experienced company with a proven track record as an advocate for clients, learn how Century can make resolving debt issues easier and more beneficial for the right clients.