Spotlight on Success – Susan’s Story

Posted by Century Support Services on Apr 01, 2020

Susan was a single mother trying her best to provide a great life for her daughter, Olivia. After separating from her husband, she had some difficulty adjusting to the new financial reality of living on one income. This became even more difficult when her ex-husband lost his job and was unable to pay his share of child support. Susan found herself in a place she had never been in before – weighted down with thousands of dollars in credit card debt.

Having always been responsible with her money, Susan was shocked by how quickly a change in her circumstances resulted in credit card balances that were quickly becoming out of control. Trying to raise Olivia on one income was stressful enough but then the creditor calls started rolling in. The pressure was almost too much to bear. Susan started worrying she may not even be able to make the minimum payments on her cards and was at risk of eviction from her apartment. She knew it was time to look for help.

Century was recommended to her by a family member that had successfully completed their debt relief program with Century. Even though the service came recommended by someone she knew, she was still apprehensive. She had no idea what debt settlement was and having entered so many uncharted territories with her finances, she worried about entering into a program she did not fully understand.

The Century team was able to put her at ease by letting her know exactly how we were going to help her regain her financial health. “The whole process was explained from the beginning and every question I had was answered promptly,” said Susan. Working with Susan, we were able to design a program that fit easily into the single income she was currently living off of and cut down the time she would have stayed in debt by over two years.

Once her ex-husband went back to work and began paying child support again, we were able to re-design her program and create a more aggressive plan to get her out of debt even faster. Not only did we create a strategy to get Susan out of debt faster, she paid a fraction of her owed balances . She was elated to stop focusing on her debt and spend more time with Olivia. “The peace of mind it brought was priceless,” said Susan. Just 18 Months later, Susan is living completely debt free and is looking to buy a house for her and Olivia.


Congratulations on your program success, Susan!
We thank you for trusting us to be a part of your journey toward better financial health and celebrate your diligence in staying with the program to make such great progress!

*We protect the privacy of our clients by changing their names and omitting any identifying details.