Spotlight on Success – Raymond’s Story

Posted by Century Support Services on Jul 08, 2020

Meet Raymond. Raymond is a 64 year old Californian that loves being in the out-of-doors so much, he has worked and played in it his whole life. Since the age of 16, Raymond has worked on small farms. When not pulling long 16 hour days, Raymond would hike, fish and enjoy his newest hobby of photography.

Raymond Unfortunately, the farms in his area got hit hard economically and his pay was reduced more than once. Raymond was forced to seek bankruptcy in his 40’s, due to overextending himself and the lack of work. Now that he is reaching retirement age, he is feeling the stress of his expenses outweighing his income but did not want to file for bankruptcy a second time.

Raymond heard about Century through a friend that had just completed their program. He worked with a Debt Specialist at Century, revised his monthly budget to work with his current income, expenses and his program payment and hasn’t looked back since.

“I like working with the Century staff.” Raymond said. “They are very helpful with all of my questions. The online staff are excellent, too!”

Raymond All of Raymond’s accounts are settled and in term pays (i.e. payoff the agreed settlement over a period of months). With his continued consistency of making his monthly program payment, he will have the accomplishments of completing his program in just under 11 more months.

“I recommend Century to anyone who wants to get out of credit card debt." Thank you Raymond for your glowing recommendation and CONGRATULATIONS on successfully navigating your program like a pro! Our team is here to support you in any way we can, now and in the future.



Congratulations on your program success, Raymond!
We thank you for trusting us to be a part of your journey toward better financial health and celebrate your diligence in staying with the program to make such great progress!

*We protect the privacy of our clients by changing their names and omitting any identifying details.