Spotlight on Success – Mark’s Story

Posted by Century Support Services on Dec 22, 2020

When Mark realized he needed help with debt relief, he turned to Century for assistance. Like many clients tell us, he felt like he was “running out of options” and Century offered the services that he needed at the right time. “I felt like there was no end to the mountain of debt I had and no way out of it,” he said. Then he called Century and every representative he spoke to was so reassuring, understanding and compassionate.

Mark and his family

“They helped me to understand my position and seek a remedy that would be long-lasting,” Mark said. He was initially wary about the effects that debt settlement would have on his credit score but our representative was able to put his mind at ease by explaining how the program worked and how we would customize our program to meet his specific needs and circumstances. Mark is thrilled with the results he’s seeing with Century. “Once everything started progressing, my credit score started to creep back up. I love the progress we’ve made.”

Mark and his son

With guidance, support, and instruction, Mark is on a path toward financial relief that he might have never thought possible. He noted that “Century’s customer service has been excellent and is completely satisfied.” “It hasn’t always been easy and with the impact of Covid on job loss, I was able to work with Century to continue to make my payments,” Mark said. “I’m moving in the right direction now and am glad I made this choice.”


Mark – Thanks for being an incredible Century partner along your journey!


Congratulations, Mark!
Patience, perseverance, and commitment to the program are really paying off! We’re right here with you on this journey to financial freedom!

*We protect the privacy of our clients by changing their names and omitting any identifying details.