Spotlight on Success – Frank’s Story

Posted by Century Support Services on Oct 15, 2020

Frank needed help with his debt and he found it with Century. His words (not ours) “Best company ever. Period!”

Frank Frank was a construction worker outside of Dallas. He worked 12 hour days, sometimes 6 days per week. After a bad fall and two knee replacement surgeries, Frank was unable to work and sought disability.

Unable to make ends meet, Frank’s niece offered for him to stay with her. The two had always been close and this was an incredibly selfless gesture to aid Frank in his time of need. After moving in, Frank was looking online for a way to relieve some of the stress he had from his credit card and medical debt.

Frank and his neice

Frank saw an ad for Century’s services online and after speaking with a Debt Specialist, he was convinced that Century was the right program for him. “The professional and personable representatives at Century always take the time to listen to my struggles and they do their best to alleviate the anxiety that goes along with addressing debt concerns,” Frank said. “And they have the best process, that worked for me, to put a plan in place to achieve the liberating feeling of being ‘debt free’!

Frank recently completed his program with Century successfully. He was able to move into his own apartment but will be forever grateful to his niece for her kindness.

Frank – Thanks for being an incredible Century partner along your journey!


Congratulations, Frank on Completing your program.
Your hard work and diligence has paid off for you.

*We protect the privacy of our clients by changing their names and omitting any identifying details.


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