Spotlight on Success – David’s Story

Posted by Century Support Services on Jan 24, 2020

David - Client Success Spotlight

David had been gradually building his credit card debt ever since he graduated from college. As he entered his mid-30’s, he was tired of seeing the accounts stuck at the same balances, from making just the minimum payments, after all these years. Over the past decade, he had tried to juggle balances to different cards to take advantage of lower interest or promotional financing but realized his strategies were not working and he needed to seek help.

David After doing some research, David found a number of companies that offered debt relief options and they all seemed to present viable solutions. David figured that with this many companies offering proven solutions, almost any that he chose should be able to get him out of debt. But he wanted to work with a company that would provide him the best customer service and support him through the program.

Working in the service industry for nearly a decade as a restaurant manager, David had learned that your product is only as good as the service that comes along with it. “I value quality customer service with a passion,” said David. “Should I find it lacking, I generally tend to stop dealing with that particular company.”

David Once he had compiled what he felt were the best programs to help resolve his debt, he checked Trustpilot and Consumer Affairs reviews of each company to get an idea of who other customers felt were giving the best customer service. This is the information that ultimately led him to choosing Century to handle his debt and we are glad he did. At Century, we value customer service and an excellent customer experience just as much David does.

David “I have found Century Support Services to be totally professional, straight forward in explaining the process, and they remain constant with updates on the information I need to know.” Our team went to work for David immediately, designing a program tailored to his needs and making sure all of his questions were answered. “Their staff is patient, courteous and friendly; qualities which are extremely important to me.”

With the help of the Century program, David was able to resolve over $25,000 dollars he had in unsecured credit card debt and is now able to start saving again. “I give Century 5 stars.”


Congratulations on your program success, David!
We thank you for trusting us to be a part of your journey toward better financial health and celebrate your diligence in staying with the program to make such great progress!

*We protect the privacy of our clients by changing their names and omitting any identifying details.