Spotlight on Success – Alan’s Story

Posted by Century Support Services on May 19, 2021

As many Americans have faced over the last 12 months, jobs are not always stable and consistent. Alan’s career has definitely been affected by the changes in the economic environment due to COVID. Having his hours reduced and being in and out of layoff status with his current employer, credit cards became the go-to for paying the necessities.

Alan and grandson

Alan discovered Century when searching for his options for debt relief online. After being on the program for almost a year, he has a clear path for hot to successfully complete his program in the next 12-18 months.

Alan commented recently to us about his experiences so far with the Century team. “I like everything that Century has done,” Alan said. “Their team has always been there for me. Whenever I called, somebody would answer and address all of my questions.” When we asked if Alan will be taking advantage of our client referral program, this is how he replied… I’m completely satisfied and will recommend Century to anybody that I know is in need of help.’


We’re very grateful for customers like Alan. We wish him good luck on the remaining program. We here to support him and all of our clients with the best possible customer experience. Thanks, Alan!



Congratulations on your program success, Alan!
We thank you for trusting us to be a part of your journey toward better financial health and celebrate your diligence in staying with the program to make such great progress!

*We protect the privacy of our clients by changing their names and omitting any identifying details.