Communication from your creditors is a very normal part of the collection process and their desire to collect on your debt.
These calls are designed to get a payment from you in an effort to bring your account current.

Staying the course on your debt relief plan is the best path to achieve your goals toward better financial health.

We understand that collection calls can add some additional stress which is why we will work with you to ensure that the creditors aren’t violating the collection practice guidelines. CLICK HERE for additional information on collection practices and what is considered harassment or a violation.

Most Americans are receiving so many spam calls every day, it can be very difficult to know which calls you should answer. Communication is key because making your program deposits, and staying focused on your goal will ensure a successful Century journey!

As part of this journey, we want to ensure that our client service communication doesn’t get lost in the shuffle. Below is our contact information including a QR code so you can add it to your mobile device. This will allow you to see our Century name when we call or text you with valuable & often time sensitive information regarding your program.

Scan the QR code with your smartphone to ensure our important contact numbers below will be set up as a contact in your phone.

  • 724-861-3401
  • Our text number – 47234

Our many years of experience in debt settlement have given us many strategies when it comes to negotiating with your creditors. We may not contact each of your creditors immediately when you first start your Century journey, as some creditors may accelerate their collection workflow if they learn too early that a client is enrolled in a debt relief program. Our team has a wealth of knowledge & a history of working directly with your enrolled creditors. Often the best strategy includes specific timing on when to engage into negotiation with your creditor that maximizes the savings that will be most beneficial for you!

It is important to keep in mind that creditors will typically continue to add interest and late fees to accounts that are delinquent. Many creditors stop assessing interest and fees once they have charged-off the debt (typically 6 months following your last payment). However, others may not stop those assessments.

As part of your financial hardship, you have made the independent decision to stop paying your creditors monthly. Your accounts will begin to enter into a collections workflow. As part of that workflow, your enrolled debt will become delinquent.

Our goal is to negotiate substantial reductions to the balances on your accounts, including any interest and fees that may have been assessed. Right now, you are redirecting your funds into your special purpose account, which is an important step in resolving your outstanding balances.

A creditor may report any cancelled/settled debt amount over $600 to the IRS and you may be required to report this amount as income on your tax return. Your Century Debt Settlement Agreement does include a section about this information.

If you do have any questions regarding any tax documentation you have received from one of your creditors, you can contact a tax professional to discuss that matter further. The IRS considers a forgiven debt as taxable income and you may have a tax obligation. IRS Form 982 allows certain hardship situations to be exempt from this tax obligation and a tax professional can review this with your further.

When our Negotiators have a settlement offer waiting for your approval, we will make contact with you. For your convenience, we have convenient ways for you to approve your offers:

  1. Log in to the MyCenturyclient portal 24 hours a day and click on the red button, located at the top of your portal page, to review and approve your pending offers,


  2. Simply respond that you ACCEPT to one of the settlement authorization emails that our team has sent to you recently,

  3. Call our Customer Service team during business hours. They will take your call, review your offer and obtain your recorded authorization to accept the settlement. Our main number is 724-861-3401 or 888-913-8784 and select option 3.

If you haven’t registered for the MyCentury portal, that is the first step.
Click on the button to be directed to the MyCentury login page.
Once at the login page, click on the ‘First Time User Setup’ button. You will need your Client ID to register.

If you are not a new user, you can login directly from the main login page by clicking the button above or by navigating to our main website at and selecting ‘Enter MyCentury’ located in the upper right hand corner of the page.