Fun and Free Resources at the Library

Posted by Century Support Services on Jan 31, 2020

Your library is an important resource in your community, giving you access to a wide range of media for both entertainment and educational
purposes, but it’s also a great resource for more than just books and magazines.

February 1st is National “Take Your Child to the Library Day,” and this is an excellent time to dig into the resources that the library offers. For families who are looking for affordable and free ways to occupy their time, the library is a rich treasure trove. Here are some things you might be able to enjoy at your local library, most of which are free!

Participate in age-appropriate children’s programs

If you have children, the library will often have children’s programs for patrons at little to no cost. Story times, art nights, movie nights, book clubs, and special presentations are all excellent ways to engage your child and help them develop. It can also serve as a social outlet for your child and yourself as a parent. When you go to story time, you can meet other same-aged children and their families, and you just might make a new friend.

Adult programs to expand your education and knowledge

Not only do most libraries have exciting programs for children, but they often have programs for adults, too. This is a great opportunity to enjoy some entertainment and connect with other adults in your community, without spending a cent. Participate in craft nights, technology seminars, presentations from local professionals and artists, and even practical events like financial planning seminars. Increase your skills and social connections for free. You may find that some of these adult programs overlap with children’s programs, so you can all enjoy the library together.

Access technology you don’t have at home

Does your child need to copy some articles for a report? type something up, but lack a printer at home? The library has these, and you can access them. While there may be a small fee of a few cents to use printer and copier services, this is far more affordable than buying one for your home if you lack one.

Check out movies for free

Movie rental has become increasingly affordable, but it’s still an expense. At many libraries, you can check out movies and television series for no cost. Be careful to watch the due date on the
movies, because you don’t want to wrack up fines, but this can be a valuable resource for your family movie nights. And, because libraries can keep movies in their collection as long as they
want, you may be able to find an older movie that are not available through the rental box or your favorite streaming service.

Celebrate “Take Your Child to the Library Day” on February 1st

If you haven’t taken the time to explore your local library, make a family date to do so on February 1st. Call up your local library to see if they have any special events happening that day, as that can make your excursion even more interesting. For families on a budget, the
library is one of the best local resources.