Spring Break Staycation

Posted by Century Support Services on Mar 16, 2018

HAppy Spring

Family vacations can make cherished memories…. but long car trips or busy airports aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. Whether you’re not in the travel mood or choose to save the money you would spend, staycations offer a great alternative.

Spring Break Staycation Benefits

Since you aren’t traveling far, a budget-friendly staycation can have a relaxed pace. Everyone can sleep in, you can enjoy one attraction or activity a day, and you can eat at home or pack picnic lunches rather than dine out for every meal. Your kids may have a vacation from school, but if you’re working, you may not be able to get away for full days. However, you can treat the kids to a fun week exploring hometown attractions in the evenings after work. There’s also something to be said for seeing tourist sites in your own backyard. You and your kids will be more informed, and more appreciative, when you connect with your local culture, nature, or history.

Spring Break Staycation Ideas

Spend the week doing low-cost activities near your home. If the weather is nice, take the kids to local parks that have walking trails, head to a nearby mountain, or break out the bikes and hit bike trails. After being cooped up all winter, the kids will appreciate the chance to let off some steam.

Camping gives kids extended quality time in nature. It also lets you unplug from all that technology and connect by fishing, hiking, or telling spooky stories around the campfire. Check out your local state park for a convenient camping option, then spend a night or two tenting under the stars. Alternately, pitch a tent in your own backyard for a family camping experience.

If it’s a wet or cold spring, look for indoor attractions. While movies are great, don’t forget about your local library. Libraries have youth programming, DVD collections, books, and other free events. You might even be able to pick up free museum passes while you are there. Science museums offer learning experiences, art museums cultivate creativity, zoos provide animal encounters, and children’s museums let your kids get hands-on with cool toys. No matter what your kids are into, there’s a museum for it.

There’s fun to be had in the house, as well. If you’re working all day, give the kids a daily activity theme and include a themed dinner after work. If everyone is home together, making the themed dinner can be a family activity where everyone helps out in the kitchen.

Craft projects are a great way to indulge creativity among kids of all ages. Come up with an age-appropriate craft project, such as making jewelry or creating collages.

To keep high-energy kids busy, put together a scavenger hunt by hiding clues to a prize all over the house. The kids will work together to solve puzzles and logic clues, leaving you with time to relax. With a variety of fun activities to choose from, the entire family will enjoy this extra time together.