Avoiding Winter Boredom

Posted by Century Support Services on Jan 11, 2018

young girl looking out window

Everyone groans at the monotony of winter. After the expense of the holidays, your spending might be a key concern. With colder weather and fewer social engagements, many families wind up stuck indoors more than usual. If you’re searching for ways to keep your family occupied without breaking the bank, you’re not alone.

Three Ideas to Avoid Winter Boredom

These simple but fun activities don’t need to cost you a thing.

Family Movie Night. Going to the movie theater is an option, but it can be quite expensive. If you want to save money, turn your living room into a family movie theater. Go a little retro with a rented movie or pick one from your local cable/internet provider. To make it even more special, pick up some of the treats you’d have at the actual theater -popcorn, candy, and your favorite drinks. Then cuddle under blankets with the lights turned down to make an evening of it.

Outdoor Winter Fun. There are plenty of free outdoor activities for the winter months. If there’s a local park where they freeze an ice rink, all you need are your own ice skates. With a group, you might even get together for regular hockey games or just to skate for a few hours. If there’s no free outdoor play options in your area, recreate some fun from your childhood. Building a snow fort or snowman can be a great way to spend the day. If you feel like a little competition, you can divide the group into teams and have a friendly snowball fight or a game of capture the flag.

Crafts and ProjectsOne great way to keep the whole family engaged is to pick a craft or project to complete over the winter. For little ones, you might just pick simple crafts so they can help. You can also use the time to teach older kids new skills – maybe a renovation project, such as painting and trimming a room. If you have a hobby, like woodworking or sewing, the winter months can be a good time to teach the skill to younger family members.

Lots of people get a bit of cabin fever in the winter. The days are shorter and there’s a lot of time spent indoors. Coming up with activities to keep you occupied will help elevate your mood and make for a happier season.