Debt Settlement Programs in New York

If you or your loved ones struggle with unsecured debt, large unpaid balances, or unaffordable monthly debt payments, consider enrolling in Century’s debt settlement program for the New York area.

New York has the fourth-largest population by state in the United States. With its great diversity, various landmarks, and up-and-coming industries, life in this state can be busy and exciting. Unfortunately, residents of this great state are no strangers to debt. According to the New York City Comptroller, debt per capita has reached $10,399 as of 2018.

If you or your loved ones struggle with unsecured debt, consider getting a free debt settlement assessment with one of Century’s Certified Debt Specialists  for  the New York area.

Seek Debt Settlement Today

At Century, we understand the stress that debt can cause, especially when it comes to meeting other financial obligations. That’s why each of our debt specialists are well-trained to review your current situation and develop a personalized debt settlement program that can work for you. This assessment includes planning your debt resolution strategy and schedule for setting aside money toward strategically negotiating with your creditors on your behalf.

We service the residents of many areas of New York, including:

  • Central & Western NY – Syracuse to Buffalo
  • Capital District & Hudson Valley – Albany to New Rochelle
  • Long Island & The 5 Boroughs of New York City

Experienced Certified Debt Specialists

No matter what city you live in, our award-winning support representatives are familiar with the financial pressures debt can exert on people in your locale and are they well-equipped to give you the debt settlement consultation you need.

With a 94% customer satisfaction rating, Century Support Services has settled over $1.3 Billion in debt, across more than 250,000 clients. We have the resources and the expertise to resolve your financial burdens.


Active Clients

Negotiated over

$1.3+ billion

of debt for our clients

Saved our clients more than

$700 million


$20+ million

of debt each month


We provide debt negotiation and settlement services to thousands of clients in New York. Our professionals understand the strategies of debt settlement and the creditors we negotiate with. Whether you live in Manhattan or the small town of Ithaca, NY, Century is available to help you with your debt.


If you need help with credit card or other types of unsecured debt, contact us for your free assessment.



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