Debt Relief Programs in New Mexico

Debt is a serious problem that affects millions of Americans. If you live in New Mexico and struggle with debt, don’t try to go about it on your own. Century provides trusted and proven debt relief services for New Mexico residents. If you are looking for a way to pay off your debt, we’re here to help.

According to the most recent census data, New Mexico’s average debt per individual ranks in the top 20 most debt-ridden states in the United States. One recent survey suggests that the average amount of individual debt in New Mexico is around $39,100. Many New Mexican’s have to worry about mortgages and car payments, although credit card debt is a fundamental financial concern to those who have it as well.

What is New Mexico Debt Relief?

There are different types of debt relief programs available, with debt settlement being one of them. To put it simply, New Mexico debt settlement provides the benefits of expert negotiators to work on your behalf with your creditors.

Because unsecured debts are not backed by collateral, they often carry higher interest rates, which can add up over time. Unsecured debts that can often be settled or consolidated include:

  • Credit cards

  • Utility bills

  • Personal loans

  • Payday loans

Through negotiation strategies, you will often pay less than what you owe on your unsecured debts. Additionally, a debt settlement program provides a faster way to resolve your debt than other available options.

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How to Pay Off Debt in New Mexico

Fortunately, there are several ways New Mexico residents can pay down their debt. If you want to avoid bankruptcy and reduce your debt in a timely manner, you should consider a debt settlement solution. Century’s certified debt specialists will personalize a debt settlement program based on your circumstances and support you through the next steps.

You’re a good candidate for debt settlement if you:

  • Have an overwhelming amount of credit card debt

  • Can’t afford your monthly credit card payments

  • Have personal loans you can’t afford to pay

Rather than stress yourself further by simply trying to play catch-up with your creditors, talking to a professional who can help you move from being debt over-loaded to a more stable financial place. A debt settlement program doesn’t move existing debts to a new loan. Instead, this type of program negotiates directly with current lenders on your behalf, seeking to settle each debt for less than is owed on it.

Debt and Financial Resources for New Mexico Residents

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