Debt Relief Programs in Michigan

Michigan residents finding themselves in a cycle of never-ending debt might decide they need to try a new approach. This is especially true if they are living paycheck to paycheck, or worse, adding more dollars to their debt balance each month. A debt relief program can help Michigan residents get back on the financial track.

What is Michigan Debt Relief?

Michigan Debt relief programs provide solutions for reducing debt with the ultimate goal to eliminate it. When examining options, Michigan residents will find there are many different debt relief programs available, including debt consolidation, credit counseling, debt management, bankruptcy, and debt settlement. Many residents ultimately choose a debt settlement program like Century's.

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Century’s focus is completely on you.
We are experienced in helping our client’s get on a path toward better financial health. Check out our easy, three step program below.

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At Century, we recognize there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to resolving debt issues. As such, our certified debt settlement specialists look at each client’s personal situation and help them to develop a personalized plan that is feasible and affordable. Bottom line, our focus is 100% on you. The collective experience we possess enables us to find the best possible solution for each and every client.

Our debt settlement specialists will work with you to set up affordable monthly deposits which will be used to settle your debts. These payments will be accumulated in a designated trust account with the eventual goal of making a lump sum payment to your creditors. In the meantime, we work hard on your behalf to negotiate a reduction in the overall amount you owe on your original, unsecured debt. It’s as easy as our three step program.

To get started, give Century a call at 855-417-6648 or fill out our online form and we will be happy to provide you a no-obligation debt assessment.

Michigan Debt Settlement or Bankruptcy?

Many people finding themselves with unmanageable debt immediately turn their mind to bankruptcy to wipe as much debt as they can clean. While there are some advantages to bankruptcy, consumers should take notice of the disadvantages when making this decision because it’s not right for everyone. For example some individuals who make too much money aren’t eligible to file, and bankruptcy may not erase all unsecured debts. There are also immediate fees to be paid when filing for bankruptcy.

Debt settlement is optimal for people who have one or two debts with high balances that they cannot afford to pay or for persons who make higher salaries who can afford to put away sums of money while a debt settlement company negotiates to lower the amount of debt owed. While debt settlement fees are a part of the negotiation process, they aren’t paid immediately – for instance, Century does not get paid until we prove our value to you.

Frequently Asked Questions about Debt in Michigan

Many consumers seeking Michigan debt settlement programs have many questions. At Century, we have answers. Here are some of the most common questions – and answers – Michigan residents have about debt.

Debt and Financial Resources for Michigan Residents

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Debt relief for Michigan residents is not easy. At Century, we understand that. We also recognize it takes time, depending on your individual situation.

Our debt settlement specialists are trained to help make the process as easy and painless as possible in a way you can afford. In our more than 17 years of service, we have successfully settled over $1.3 billion in debt, for more than 250,000 clients. Over time we’ve saved our clients over $700 million.

If you are a Michigan resident who needs help with a credit card or another type of unsecured debt, contact us to see if you qualify.


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