Debt Settlement Programs in Indiana

If you have debt that is overwhelming, Century can help. We will create a personalized debt settlement program for you to follow in Indiana.

If you have too much unsecured debt, you understand the crushing weight that this financial situation can create. Debt can be manageable, but at times debt can increase out of control. When you’re in too deep and can’t see a way to pay off the money you owe, Century can help. We offer debt settlement services in Indiana as an alternative to filing bankruptcy.

Century’s debt settlement program is a great way for you to save money while making one low, affordable monthly payment and settle your debt in as little as 18-48 months.

How Can Debt Settlement Help You?

When you find yourself overwhelmed by debt, you have some options. You can file for bankruptcy, obtain a debt consolidation loan, attend credit counseling, or choose to enroll in a debt settlement program. When you choose Century and debt settlement, you will experience many benefits.

To clarify, debt settlement isn’t the process of taking out a loan to pay off your unsecured debts. Century personalizes a program whereby you will deposit an agreed-upon and affordable monthly amount into a third-party account that you control. While your balance in your third-party account increases, our expert negotiators will begin strategizing to negotiate settlements for a lower amount than you owe.

Once you approve our settlement offers, the payment will be made to your creditor from your reserve account, along with the fee for our service on the settled account.

How Can Century Help You?

Century has been working with consumers and their debt for many years. We have helped over 250,000 clients settle more than $1.3 billion in debt for consumers from across the U.S., including Indiana. Our clients have benefitted from our broad range of experience and expertise that ensures you get excellent settlements for your debt settlement program. We have saved our clients more than $700 million and we are ready to save for you too!


Active Clients

Negotiated over

$1.3+ billion

of debt for our clients

Saved our clients more than

$700 million


$20+ million

of debt each month

Century’s focus and number-one priority is our customers. We want to help you pay off your debts and save money with the least amount of stress and in the most manageable way. If you live in Indiana, contact us and our team of Certified Debt Specialists are ready to help.


If you need help with credit card or other types of unsecured debt, contact us for your free assessment.



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