Debt Relief Programs in Washington, D.C.

Many citizens of Washington, D.C struggle with paying off their debt, but they aren’t alone. In fact, on average, D.C. residents carry $8,291 in credit card debt. As home to many significant historical and cultural landmarks, our nation’s capital is a thriving metropolis where more than six million people live and work.

Navigating expensive housing prices, student loans, high-interest credit card debt and more may be overwhelming, but there are Debt Relief Programs in Washington, D.C to help you resolve your debt.

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With a 95.4% customer satisfaction rating, Century Support Services has settled more than $1.3 billion in debt for 250,000+ clients. We have the resources and the expertise to resolve your financial burdens.


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How to Pay off Debt in Washington, D.C.

When debt is looming, it may be tempting to avoid your obligations and hope they will simply disappear. But when you ignore your financial problems, they will only become even bigger and more difficult to face. Washington, D.C. is a fast-paced and high-powered city, and paying off your debt will allow you to enjoy your hometown even more. Those who address their debt head-on find their health improved due to less daily stress. With your finances under control, you’ll have better job prospects and housing opportunities, and you may even have some extra funds to put towards your future. Once you explore debt relief programs in Washington, D.C. with Century Support Services, you’ll see your perspective change right away.

Debt Settlement

If you’re struggling to keep up with minimum monthly payments or have recently been dealt a financial hardship, debt settlement can be an effective way to pay down your existing debt. Century works on your behalf to negotiate with creditors to customize a debt settlement program tailored to your individual needs so you can get your goals back on track.

Debt Consolidation

Debt consolidation is a way to organize debts by rolling them into one single payment. This is a preferred solution for those locked into high interest rates, or those who have debt spanning multiple creditors. Washington, D.C. residents who find the most success with this approach aren’t burdened by overwhelming debt, but rather high rates and numerous payments. When you work with a Century Support Services specialist, you’ll find the program that will works best for you.


When your debt gets to be too overwhelming, you may consider bankruptcy as a viable option to tackle your financial burdens. When you enter into bankruptcy, you are entering into a legally binding process that will erase, or reduce, your debt but also potentially strip you of any nonexempt assets. Bankruptcy is also very expensive upfront and can severely damage your credit score.

Before you make any major decisions on your own, speak with a specialist who will help you navigate the debt resolution options most appropriate for your individual situation.

Why Choose Debt Settlement?

Just like Washington, D.C. and its diverse residents, every financial situation is unique and requires its own custom solution. When determining whether debt settlement is an appropriate option for your individual position, you can lean on the experts. A Century Support Services specialist will provide you with a free financial assessment to personalize a debt relief program specifically for you.

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