Debt Relief Programs in California

Many California residents struggle under a seemingly insurmountable amount of debt, often including loans, credit cards and other burdens. Residents file many thousands of bankruptcy claims in the state’s various bankruptcy courts annually. Bankruptcy and never-ending minimum payments aren’t necessarily the only path forward, though.

California debt relief programs offer residents who struggle with unsecured debts another option. Debt settlement companies in California provide credit card debt relief programs and other debt relief programs.

If you’re tired of struggling under outstanding balances and monthly payments, a California debt settlement program could offer a better way forward toward a debt-reduced future.

What Does California Debt Relief Do?

The California debt relief programs that companies offer help debt-burdened residents in at least two ways. Programs might prioritize lowering monthly payments to make them more manageable, or reducing the total amount of debt outstanding. In some cases, debt relief programs may pursue both goals.

Generally speaking, the debt relief programs that are available can be categorized into two types of programs. There are debt consolidation programs, and there are debt settlement programs.

A debt consolidation program usually doesn’t reduce your total debt burden. Instead, the program is designed to consolidate outstanding debts into a loan that’s more favorable. The new loan might have a reduced annual percentage rate, a reduced monthly payment or both. Both features can help lessen your debt-related stress, but they don’t actually lower how much you owe.

A debt settlement program doesn’t move existing debts to a new loan. This type of program instead negotiates directly with current lenders on your behalf, seeking to settle each debt for less than is owed on it. With this type of program, participants frequently pay only a percentage of the total amount that they owe because of the debt negotiation. At the same time, a debt settlement program can also often readjust monthly payments.

If your primary hope is to pay off your debts while spending the least amount possible, a California debt settlement program might be the right debt resolution option for your situation. Debt settlement programs are available for personal loan debt, credit card debt, and other forms of debt.

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Century Support Services is an experienced and legitimate debt relief company. When looking for a quality debt relief company, search for someone who has a proven track record of helping many people successfully settle their debts.

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California Debt Relief Options

There are several California debt relief options to residents who are overburdened with loans and other debts:

  • Debt Consolidation: Debt consolidation transfers existing debts to a new loan that can then be paid off over a period of months or years.

  • Debt Settlement: Debt settlement saves up monthly payments and then, uses the saved-up amount to negotiate debt settlements for less than is owed.

  • Bankruptcy: Bankruptcy excuses qualifying individuals from paying certain debts, but assets may be sacrificed during bankruptcy and it remains on a credit report for up to 10 years.

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