Successfully delivering enhanced negotiation services to clients in need.

Our Partnership with Century Legal Group

Century has established a partnership with Century Legal Group to support the effort to settle enrolled accounts with certain creditors. A few creditors may adjust their policies from time to time, making it more difficult for us to work with them directly on your behalf. This is when we call on Century Legal Group to help!

If a Century client has a settlement opportunity with one of these creditors, we obtain your authorization and enlist the Century Legal Group team to negotiate the account with the creditor.

Your Benefits with Century Legal Group

No Additional Fees: Any Century Legal Group's services will be provided with NO ADDITIONAL FEES to you (our client);

Simpler Negotiations: Century Legal Group makes the negotiation process with more difficult Creditors much easier;

Experienced Team: The combination of Century and Century Legal Group provides a strong combination of experience as we work on your behalf to negotiate with these creditors.

Orchard Law

Please Note: Century Legal Group will not be able to speak with you, or in any way provide you with any legal advice, legal services, or legal representation; it will only communicate with specific creditors you owe to resolve debts.

As a reminder, every settlement requires an authorization prior to us remitting funds to the creditor. These offers are time-sensitive, we will reach out to you immediately once we have the offer and will need for you to respond timely.

Click the 'Get Started Now' button to complete the authorization form. Once completed, the document will return to Century so the team can get started.