Summer Car Care Tips

Posted by Century Support Services on Aug 01, 2018

Car Sun Shade

The sun can be harsh on your car, both on the exterior and interior. Protecting your car from the sun will make it last longer and will help you save money. One of the biggest

interior problems is that the sun cracks the dashboard and the seats, if they are leather or vinyl. You can save hundreds or even thousands on repairs and paint if you take a few simple, inexpensive steps to protect your car.

Protect the Exterior

Wash your car often and wax it at least every three months. Washing the car gets the dust, dirt and bug guts off, all of which wears on the paint. You can use Dawn dish soap to wash it. Just be sure to use a soft brush or rag. The wax will help protect the paint from acids from bugs and dirt, and it will help protect the paint from the sun. When you wash the car, you are also washing the wax off, so the vehicle should be waxed often.

Make sure you clean the tires and rims, too, especially if you have aluminum or chrome rims. The dirt will eventually eat through the coating on the rims. Dawn dish soap also works well on the tires and wheels. If you have chrome or aluminum wheels, use a soft cloth instead of a brush. Sun can dry-rot the tires, so you should use tire black on them to help keep the tires from dry rotting. If you park outside and don’t plan to move your vehicle for several days, cover the tires with old sheets to keep some of the sun’s harmful UV rays away from the tires.

Protect the Interior

If you can’t park your car in a garage or carport, buy a sunshade for the front windshield. You can often find them cheap at dollar stores or even online. The sunshade will keep the sun off the dash and help keep it from cracking. Seat covers are great for vinyl and leather, they protect the seats and your legs from getting burned if the car was sitting in the hot sun. Using an old blanket that is pinned around the back to fit the seat also protects the material. The sun shade also helps to keep the carpet and cloth seats from fading.

Clean leather and vinyl seats with a product that has UV protection included to keep the seats from cracking. You should also protect the dash, steering wheel and other leather or vinyl components with the cleaner.

Detailing the interior and exterior is part of maintaining your vehicle, and allows you to save money since the paint and interior will last longer if you take care of it.