Curing Your Cabin Fever

Posted by Century Support Services on Mar 21, 2019

As the last days of winter approach and the warmer days of spring beckon, some people may start to feel a little stir crazy. When a spring vacation is not in the budget, it may feel like you’re stuck with cabin fever until the ground thaws. But if you can’t help thinking about replacing your boots with sandals, why not put your daydreams to good use and start planning your summer now? In the process, you may come up with a few ways to get out of the house even before the warmth and sun of summer arrive. We’ve compiled a few summer activity ideas and resources to help you cure cabin fever without needing to spend a cent.

Day Trip

Escape the everyday without the hassle of packing or expense of travel by planning day trips for your upcoming summer. Pack a cooler with snacks, lunch, and water to avoid unnecessary stops and food costs. How far away you can go for a day trip? The answer to that will depend a bit on your household. But there are likely a range of options within a couple hours’ drive, no matter where you live. When determining your destination, be sure to add in time for bathroom breaks to get a realistic idea of travel time. Taking the time to plan your route in advance will also give you the chance to research scenic areas or detours that may make the journey as enjoyable as the destination.


When you choose a staycation over a lavish vacation, you are choosing to spend time instead of money. While researching what to do on a staycation, check out the websites of nearby towns and cities. Most municipalities will highlight any tourist attractions and may even have an historical society with events or small, local museums. Keep in mind that many well-known areas may have off-peak hours or seasons with discounted pricing. As a local, you can take advantage of these discounts and avoid crowds.

Inexpensive Adventures

Sometimes all it takes to turn a summer day into an adventure is a theme.  Dig around online and find local connections, attractions, or events that tie into the theme. The theme can be literally anything that you or a family member finds interesting. From dinosaurs or space travel to music or skateboarding, the possibilities are endless. You could even let each family member choose a theme and let them help plan the day of adventures.

If you’re still not sure where to start, here are few good resources to help you get started:

  • National Park Service — There are over 400 National Parks in the United States where you can explore the nation’s natural beauty and historical sites. The Junior Ranger program is a great way for families with to encourage young children to engage with the natural world.
  • Class Trips — Compiled with schools in mind, the resources on Class Trips are organized by theme, such as science and recreation, as well as by cost, including a free admission section. Additionally, they have prepared teacher’s guides for many recommended attractions that you can use to plan your trip.
  • Public Library — The local public library is a great resource for day trips. The librarians can help you find information about nearby historical sites and interesting places to visit. Additionally, many public library systems offer discount passes or free admission to local museums.

Channel your cabin fever into something fun and productive by planning ahead. As you make plans, it can lift your spirits and give you something to look forward to on those days when cold, rainy weather can bring you down. Taking the time to plan activities now can help you ensure your summer is both busy and within budget.